About Me

I’m Kirsty, photographer at Indago Dog Photography Derbyshire, and I live here in Derbyshire with my husband and  two children.  I have  two working cocker spaniels: Tiegan,  who is a better model than she is a gun dog and Tally, a golden explosion:  and my daughter  has a miniature schnauzer, Heidi.  I also breed occasionally (the puppies below are from Heidi’s last litter).

Having recently come out of teaching after nearly twenty years, I am now working full time on my own businesses, photography – and I am especially busy as the official photographer for Living Heritage Events, covering their Country Shows and Food Festivals across the UK, and also developing websites and an online presence for small business owners, especially those in the ‘dog’ niche (breeders, trainers, kennel owners, clubs… any dog related business, club  or hobby really).

I believe you can market a business much better if you really understand what it’s about and are passionate about it, and as a dog enthusiast, involved in many different activities, I understand the whole dog world pretty well and enjoy marketing it!  You can find me on MarketYourDogBusiness.com

Indago Dog Photography Derbyshire came about  when I combined my passion for dogs with my enthusiasm for photographing them.  I’ve been photographing dogs for a long time, doing portraits and photographing various doggy events (and emailing the photos out at request).  After ‘Dogs Unleashed’ one year,  some friends encouraged me to take it more seriously and start a small business and  here we are!

I have also recently been doing a lot of family and individual portraits as well. If you are interested in this, please visit my sister site, Indago Photography to find out more.

People often ask me what ‘Indago’ means (and shouldn’t it be spelt with an ‘i’ in the middle? – no!).  It’s Latin, and means ‘to track by hunting, to explore or search out.’  I like dog photographer that.  a) It reminds me of my spaniels and  b) I’m always searching for that elusive ‘perfect picture’ – maybe of your dog?

Feel free to browse my site, look at the galleries, comment, buy if you like something enough.  It’s small but it will grow and develop so please come back often and see what’s happening here.  At the moment I’m working hard on a selection of new products so look out for those!

Best regards,

Kirsty x

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