Anna’s Dog Grooming

I had a great time today, photographing a variety of dogs at Anna’s Dog Groooming in Chellaston (Derby) – from rotweilers to shiddies, a huge ridgeback to a tiny yorkie – we had the full spectrum of sizes.  The day started with Doris, fully dressed in Anna's Grooming-66her Christmas outfit, and we had a steady stream all day.

Am I allowed favourites?  It has to be the young lurcher, who was a nightmare to phtograph alongside his border terrier friend, but so full of character.  They were all lovely dogs though and it was a good day.

Thanks very much for having me, Anna, and if anyone wants their dog grooming in Derby, head here!

Pictures in the slideshow below. Hover the mouse over a picture to stop the slideshow when it gets to youor dog.  Each one has a code on it.  Click here for products, please contact me with your order and I will send you a PayPal request or tell you where to send a cheque.


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  1. carole gilleland says:

    Hiya. You very kindly took my dogs photograph at “Annas grooming ” shop recently. I have looked at these photos listed and they are lovely. But did you take any more of her that I can look at, before I make up my mind and purchase some. My dog is Aimeeanne – the yorkie with her tongue out !!. And her number is listed as AG 36, 37, 38. Thanking you, Carole Gilleland.

  2. Heather West says:

    The photos came out really well. Thank you

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