Blackshaw Dog Agility

blackshaw dog agility

Wednesday night is beginners’ night at Blackshaw Dog Agility and I took my camera along to get some publicity shots for the club.


My daughter started training tonight with her young schnauzer.  Both were very confident and I am a little concerned they will be beating Tiegan and I next season!


Dog agility is interesting to photograph – especially in the evening when the light is fading.  Not great for the necessary fast shutter speed.  Some dogs, like the little Boston Terrier,  seem to pause mid air on their way over the jumps, while others, like the black working cocker, and of course the collies are over and onto the next one in a second.



Then of course you’re never too sure which direction they are going to face as they emerge from the tunnel, or the other side of a jump.  As they become more experienced they will be told which wayto turn, but these are absolute beginners and could go anywhere (and often do)


It’s important to give a dog confience when they’re starting out, especially on some of the contact equipment where they are expected to walk over a pretty high walk.  This lab had no problems – especially with his owner on one side and the trainer on the other.

It was a fun evening.  The rain held off for a couple of hours, and I was pleased with some of the publicity shots I got for Blackshaw Dog Agility.  Not so keen on the midge bites I discovered in the morning though!


blackshaw dog agility










For more info, please visit Blackshaw Dog Agility

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