Border Collie Puppies

I am more of a gun dog girl usually but I have to say I really enjoyed photographing this litter of seven week old border collie puppies the other day!  they were everything a good collie puppieslitter should be: confident, friendly and curious… that’s the problem with photographing puppies: they are so curious that as soon as you go near them with a camera they are all over you – quite literally – and there is no chance of getting a picture because they are squirming happily everywhere!.

I really wanted an iconic sort of photo of a collie puppy on a hay bale, with the golden light streaming through the barn window.  I don’t know how other photographers get those sort of pictures. There was no chance with this little lot!  They don’ sit still tht long.   So I got a couple of pups out and took a few pictures while they played and explored the garden.

But it was really a case of waiting (and playing and waiting) until eventually they started getting sleepy and slowing down enough to get a few portrait shots in (by which time the golden light was no longer streaming through the barn window.  Ah well!).

And at the time of writing I know that this little chap above right is still available.  He was honestly the most affectionate of the lot.  When I sat in their bed in the barn he was the one climbing up to snuggle into my neck and lick my face.  He was absolutely adorable.  So if you can offer a good, stimulating home to a very well bred and active collie pup, get in touch and I’ll pass your details on to the breeder (based in Uttoxeter).


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