How Much Will We Spend on Our Dogs this Christmas?

Britain’s animal lovers will spend over 27 million pounds on their dogs this Christmas, showing that despite the recession, we still treat our dogs like family members.

dogs this christmasThe survey, carried out by animal charity the Blue Cross, shows that women are more likely than men to buy their dog a christmas present, spending an average of £4. If men do splash out, however, they are likely to spend more, with a quarter of men spending an average of £10 or more on their dogs this Christmas.

The 25-34 age group are the most generous when it comes to treating their pets, and Londoners are slightly less generous than the rest of the country. Despite having the highest wages, only 46% of Londoners are planning on buying a present for their dogs this Christmas. Dogs in the North East are the luckiest, as 55% of them expecting Santa to make a call.

What will we be buying our dogs this Christmas?

Flashing antlers, squeaky toys and chewy bones come top of the list.  I’d love to know how many of those doggy advent calenders have been bought this year – if anyone comes across the figures please let me know!

We’ re still behind the Americans though, despite being known as a nation of animal lovers.  They will be spending over $3billion (yes, that’s billion) on their dogs this year, with 65% of dogs getting at least one present!

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