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pet photographyI do occasionally step away from the world of dog photography to photograph other pets, and last Saturday took up the challenge of photographing a rather beautiful cat called Nutmeg.

Nutmeg is new to her current owners, having had a rather traumatic few months.  It is believed that she is only about ten months old, and became pregnant in her first season.  She was abandoned with her four three day old kittens outside a veterinary practice, also suffering a rather nasty dose of cat flu.

Fortunately for Nutmeg, she was cat photographyabandoned at an extremely caring vet practice (Glenthorne Vets in Uttoxeter) where she was nursed back to health, and she and her kittens were given the best of everything before being rehomed to wonderful new homes. Nutmeg is now well settled, enjoying playing with bits of string and tissues (ignoring all the expensive toys she’s been bought) and spends her days snoozing on the spare bed or sitting on the windowsill in the sun watching the birds.

Her delighted new ‘Mum’ wanted a few pictures to capture the early days.

When you photograph dogs you put them where you want them to be and tell them to stay.  When you photograph cats you follow them around slavishly, trying to get their interest any way you can, and hoping they will settle somewhere where the light isn’t too bad!!  I fully agree with the old saying: ‘Dogs have masters and cats have slaves!’pet photography


I am available for pet photography of all types and have photographed cats, horses, snakes, parrots, ferrets, rabbits and tortoises among others. Please note, however, that I do not photograph anything with more than four legs (my zoom lens just isn’t long enough).

Please contact me for pet photography: vouchers also available.

cat photography

pet photography

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