Cheshire Country Fair

Again we had a great weekend at the Cheshire Country Fair.  I loved meeting the pack of schnauzers who arrived en massedog photography on Saturday… and I always love meeting so many different breeds. New one for me this weekend was the water retriever…  quite apt for the weekend really!  Having said that, it wasn’t as bad as the forecast suggested during the day – but night times were torrential and we arrived on Sunday morning to find the site being pumped out before anyone was allowed back on.  Yes – of course we wimped out and went to my parents’ a bit further up the M6 for the nights.  I don’t sleep under canvas unless I have to!

So, three days of editing photos wasa followed by a frustrating two days trying to get them onto the website and discovering that Paypal wasn’t working for me any more.  Knowing that people were already waiting to buy photos I had to find a new system pretty quick, and I spent much of today on a chat screen to someone in America sorting out the glitches before it could go live.  All well now, and we’ll see how it works for the next month or so when I decide to stick with it or not.  Links here.

Other highlights of the weekend?

Andy’s flourescant trousers, definitely!  I’m only sorry I didn’t get a proper photo.

dog photographyLoved watching my daughter and her ‘bestie’ having such a good time taking the bookings for the dog show, and judging so seriously in the afternoons.  Hannah’s taking a break for the next few shows and concentrating on her first term at secondary school, but she’ll be back for the grand finale in October.

I also had my new puppy with us, and I was pleased at how totally chilled she was surrounded by big bangs and lots of strange people and dogs – great socialisation.

Next stop, Sandringham on 8-9th September.  I have no escape route there.  I’m gonna have to camp.

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