Crazy September

No sooner do I finish the marathon task of editing and uploading the photos from the Sandringham and Bowood House Country Fairs, than the final fair of the season, Hertford Country Fair is upon us!  This will be the grand finale of the Gillies Leap Fun Dog Shows of 2012, when the overall winner will be chosen, by our very special guest judge, and that will be it until next Spring!  I can’t wait to see some of our winners again.  Just putting together the poster reminded me what a stunning bunch of dogs we’ve seen this year.

I met Andy from Gillies Leap at the Kedleston Country Fair back in May.  I was doing agility with my local club, and to be honest, the whole weekend was a total washout… except that we met Andy, in the bar of course, got chatting and thus the alliance between Gillies Leap Fun Dog Shows and Indago Dog Photography was formed.  (Sounds a bit ‘Lord of the Ringsy’, doesn’t it!?)  Anyway, we’ve travelled way beyond the Shire (and I’ve got lost every single time so far), seen the eagles coming (at least on the shows when we were next to the falconary tent) and I have met just as many wonderful characters as I might have done in Middle Earth!!

It’s been great!  And while part of me is sad that this weekend sees the end of the season, part of me is hugely relieved not to be camping any later than October!  It’s been a great year and I can’t wait for next year!

If you’re anywhere near Hertfordshire next weekend, do come and see us at the Gillies Leap Fun Dog Show.  I’ll be doing portraits for a pound again; all profits to Labrador Rescue, and the winner will get a free 10x8portrait at the end.  We will also see which dog becomes the Gillies Leap Champion for 2012.

See you there!

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  1. tracey blowman says:

    little benson didnt make your photo shoot as it rained,,even though he won overall..looking forward to tomorrow show and having a photo taken..good luck everyone tomorrow on finalle day x from your paw freind benson x

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