Creative Poodle Styling

Now I’ve seen it all!

The ‘Dog Creative Stylist of the Year’ was held in Kent today, brainchild of dog salon owner Louisa Tandy, 38, from Gravesend.  Poodles are commonly used for dog creative styling due to their good nature and easily sculpted coats.







The poodles were turned into all sorts of weird and wonderful creaions, from Winnie the Pooh to Bertie Basset (above) with vegetable dyes used as colouring on their coats and accessores from licorice allsorts (my dogs wouldn’t have left them uneaten) and Welsh castles used to enhance their transformation.

Dog creative styling  is (unsurprisingly) a craze which has come over from the USA, where it is increasingly popular to turn your poodle into some strange creation.  At least these were turned back into proper dogs by the end of the day.

My opinion?

Leave the dog creative styling craze in the States!  The stylists might claim that the dogs love it… I have my doubts!

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