Crufts – Saturday and Sunday

Crufts is over for another year, and having done three days of the four I have utmost respect for anyone who managed the whole lot!  If you’ve joined this blog because you received one of the 5000 leaflets about winning a premium website which CruftsI’ve been handing out (with the help of my crack marketing team – left- on Saturday) – then a specially huge welcome to you!

I had a great time wandering around the halls of Crufts, meeting breeds of dog I had never even heard of as well as many favourites.  The St Bernards were wonderful, but I totally fell in love with some enormous black and white Great Danes.  Of course it was lovely to meet some wonderful owners as well.  My husband commented on Thursday how friendly ‘dog people’ are, and it’s true.  It was great to chat with so many breeders from all over the world, and learn about their dogs.

Other highlights for me were the agility on Sunday afternoon – a really tricky course with a number of eliminations, but great fun to watch. As an agility novice, it was quite inspiring, though daunting.  I have quite a way to go with my little working cocker spaniel… but did manage to find some reasonably priced weaving poles in Hall 1 to help us on our way!

The demonstration by the RAF dog team was very impressive, and quite moving.  Thinking of the dogs doing their ‘tours of duty’, not just working by day saving lives by sniffing out explosives, but bringing s sense of comfort and fun to the troops in the evening as well.  Fantastic.

The weekend is obviously the busiest time at Crufts, and by lunchtime both days it was almost impossible to move in the shopping halls.  Knowing how much work goes into preparing for Crufs by some of these small dog businesses,  I felt obliged to support them by doing some serious shopping.  It would have been rude not to…

As well as the usual demonstrations, exhibitions and everything else, Saturday was also German Shepherd Day (Pastoral and Working) and my friends from Mascani were there in force with their stunning dogs and had an excellent day.  There’s usually a lot of waiting around for the classes and it can be a very long day, but for Team Mascani it was very well worth it, as you can see from their video (below) – Congratulations guys!  Was fun!



So Crufts is over, and a lot of very tired people are travelling home tonight.  It is an amazing experience for any dog lover, and if you’ve never been I highly reommend you put it in your diary for next year. As for me, I’m struggling to see the keyboard through the yawns.  Goodnight!


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