dalmatiansI had a great afternoon a few weeks ago, photographing four of the most gorgeous dalmations I have ever seen from Dalmark Dalmatians.

I’ve always had a soft spot for these gorgeous dogs – probably stemming from loving the book  ‘101 Dalmatians’ as a child.

Anyway, the photo shoot was for a Dalmatians show book, to be sent out all over the world, so the owner obviously wanted the photos to turn out well.  Every breed has a different ‘stand’ and certain features that are important to accentuate, so after a crash course in dalmatians’ physiology we were off.

dalmatiansAnd the hardest thing about photographing  dalmatians?

Their tails!  They are such happy dogs (well, these were anyway) that their tails never stop wagging, so getting it stretched out behind them at the right angle is almost impossible.  In the end it was a case of going into auto-mode, taking five shots per second, and picking the picture in mid wag!

As for the puppy – he was unbelievably cute but understandably reluctant to stand and pose. dalmatians Who can blame him.  There are much more exciting things to do when you’re four months old and you’re on the edge of a park.

And I absolutely loved taking photos of the dalmatian gun dog.  He was just brilliant!

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