Did You Know We’re on Facebook?

Indago Dog Photography runs in tandem with another website – Derby Dogs (if you’re subscribed to both you will have already realised that as a lot of the blogs are very similar)

Have you visited the Derby Dogs Facebook page yet? It’s quite new and still growing but becoming a community of Derby dog owners and lovers where we can swap stories, photos and updates as well as hints about good places for various services such as training, grooming etc. There will be competitions and all sorts in the future, but is already starting to grow as a friendly community of dog owners from Derby.

It’s also where I’ll be posting new photos etc – including those I take of dogs just out and about.

It always amazes me when I take my dog to the park how many people stop and chat. We’re a sociable lot, we Derby dog owners. Anyway, now the nights are drawing in and we’re maybe not as keen to pass the time of day in the drizzle, let’s take the conversation online.

Please come over to Facebook.com/DerbyDogs – like us, share us and join the community!

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