Dog Agility 4Paws Event Derbyshire

If you’re into dog agility and free this Sunday, have a wander over to Barleyfields Equestrian Centre in Etwall  where the ‘4 Paws Agility’ show is happening.

dog agilityIt’s a smallish show but a great introduction into the wonderful world of dog agility, which is basically a kind of assault course for dogs!

It’s a great activity to take part in with your dog –

  • Increases the bond between you and your dog
  • Develops obedience
  • Helps your dog – and you! – to keep fit
  • Very friendly and social activity
  • Stimulates your dog and gives them something to focus on

And it’s not as easy as it looks!  Having started dog agility with my working cocker spaniel last September, I can honestly say that she is better at it that I am!  She follows my body language naturally, it’s me who has to remember to give her the right signals.  I absolutely love it though, and I can honestly say that Tiegan is calmer, our bond is stronger, and it’s great exercise for both of us!

Dog agility is for any breed of dog over the age of a year (they won’t be able to compete until they are eighteen months).  It’s certainly very popular with collies, but by no means dominated by them any more, and at the club I go to there are all sorts of breeds, from papillons, to GSDs, labradoodles, schnauzers and spaniels.

So if you’re at all interested in dog agility, head down to Barleyfields this Sunday and have a look.  It starts at 9am – too late to enter this time, but well worth watching, especially if you have ever thought about having a go at dog agility yourself.

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