The Dog Shop Goes Live

dog mugs

It’s been a while in coming but the Dog Shop is online!  I was quite inspired by the popularity of our dog mug range at the last show we did, and a lot of people were askng me if they are available onine, so that gave me the spur I needed to get them up and running, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

So please head over to the shop page and have a look.  Make my day by buying one or two, and I will follow up with more designs in the near future!


Are they dishwasher proof?

Absolutely – I’ve had one for over a year and use it all the time – no fading at all

Do they arrive safely packaged?

I have the best supplier in the world and she is very careful about packaging.  Your main problem will be finding the mug in the middle of it all!! 😉

Can I get my own dog’s photo on a mug?

Yes – either let me know which picture it is if it’s one I’ve taken, or send me a good quality picture if you have one of your own.  Same price £8.50 +p&p  If you want a quote on it, let me know which.

Dog Shop here



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