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I’ve put a load of new events on the ‘Dog Events Derbyshire‘ page.  A lot of them are dog shows… to be honest there isn’t much else happening at this time of year! It will liven up again in Spring.  Many of them are single breed shows, great if it’s ‘your’ breed but still very interesting even if it’s not!

I’ve never been very interested in showing myself. My first cocker spaniel was not exactly show material, and my working cocker would rather be out in the fields than walking calmly around a show ring!  We’d both rather be racing around an agility course. However, I have to admit that since getting our new miniature shnauzer puppy, and my daughter expressing an interest in showing her – and she is from good show lines (the dog that is, not my daughter) – I have been wondering if I might pay a bit more attention to the dog showing world this coming year.

So we’ll be heading down to some of these dog shows, trying to get our heads around the new terminology and understand what’s expected of us!  In my experience, most dog owners are incredibly happy to explain and advise, especially if you’re obviously interested and eager to learn.

It’s also a great opportunity to take the camera!

So check out the Dog Events Derbyshire page and if you have a free weekend between now and Christmas go along and have a look!

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