Dog Walks in Derbyshire

dog walks in DerbyshireIf, like me, you are often looking for new dog walks in Derbyshire, I may have found you a solution, in the short term at least!

A friend of mine is in the process of publishing his first book, a lovely book of dog walks in Derbyshire called ‘Derbyshire Ramblings’ and subtitled ‘Walking in Circles Around the Derwent Valley’.

Of course, it’s not just for dog walkers.  Ashley is an award winning photographer and the book is beautifully illustrated with his photographs, as well as humorously written, and with the little extras like wildlife notes and clear maps.  In other words, it’s good for reading as well as finding those elusive new dog walks in Derbyshire!  For more details, click here!

There’s a special offer on at the moment –  a signed copy for £5 off if you order in the next few weeks.  I’m definitely ordering mine this week.  I’m so bored of the same old walks!  Must ask Ashley to include warnings about fields of sheep…


To pre-order your copy of ‘Derbyshire Ramblings’  (which could just as easily be called ‘Dog Walks in Derbyshire’) – click here!



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