Dogs in the Snow

I’ve been loving photographing my dogs in the snow today!  And judging by the number of dogs in the snow photos I’ve seen around Facebook and other places, so has everyone else!!

There’s something magic about snow for photography: I think it’s the mixture of that amazing light you get as well as the dogs’ excitement at this strange new world which suddenly appeared on their doorstep overnight.

For my twenty week schnauzer puppy, Heidi, it was her first experience of snow last night, and she was amazed by it.  Slightly unsure at first, she soon followed the older dog’s lead and was straight into it.  Tiegan saw plenty of snow last year and I don’t know if she remembered it or not but she loved


it, and the two of them were soon running around the garden like crazy things!

This morning the kids were up early.  The first we knew of it was when the howling gale through the left open back door, penetrated the entire house and crept under our duvet… By this time, Heidi had been outside in deep fluffy snow for an hour and was covered in icy little snowballs.  Not great!  She had a long cuddle with her Dad to warm up, and wore her coat the next time she ventured out!

Tiegan, meanwhile was enjoying a full-on snowball fight with the army of kids who all seemed to congregate in our back garden.  If her paws were up to making snowballs, I’m sure she would have, but as they proved ineffective she spent a happy hour leaping around trying to catch the snow as it hurtled past overhead.

The snow will probably be gone by the morning.  My favourite sort – here for a magic Sunday then gone before it causes too much disruption.

Enjoy the dogs in the snow while it lasts!

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