Dogs on the Beach

dogs on the beach

Living in land-locked Derbyshire as we do, I don’t often get the opportunity to photograph dogs on the beach!  And I have to say, it’s one of my favourite settings – they always seem so alive and full of energy there.

So when we found ourselves in Chichester this New Year’s Eve, we headed straight to the nearest beach!  It was fantastic.  Not the warmest day, but not raining and the beach was full of dogs chasing in and out of the sea.  It was her first visit for my mini schnauzer puppy, Heidi, and she absolutely loved it, while my working cocker spaniel, Tiegan, went wild, chasing the gulls for miles down the edge of the sea (I hope none of my gun dog trainers are reading this!!)

There were also a few very obliging labradors and other dogs who posed beautifully…

Anyway, rather than another slideshow I’ve put together a video.  Hope you enjoy!

And please contact me if one of the obliging labradors happens to be yours!!

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