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Fan Art Review is a website community which I discovered by accident and which I have been totally distracted by  over the past few days!

A rather wet dog showIt’s basically a place where photographers and artists can post their work, review other people’s work and receive reviews on their own work.  It’s very positive – maybe a little too positive at times; constructive criticism is a good thing! And Fan Art Review Stars are used to rate the photography and art posted.

Anyway, I’ve been putting a few photos on, and enjoying chatting with photographers and artists from all over the world, and was really pleased to be informed this morning  that this photo from Burghley Game & Country Fair had been awarded the Fan Art Review ‘All Time Best’ award!  not too sure exactly what that means in the real world, but it sounded good and brightened up my morning!Fan Art Review

Anyway, if you are a photographer, of any sort, or an artist, Fan Art Review is a fun site to get involved with.  It costs something like £2 a month, but they do have regular competitions with cash prizes and like I say, you do get some useful feedback (as well as a lot of very nice comments which boost the ego!!)

Fan Art Review .com


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