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The First Fun Dog Show for Hannah and Heidi

My daughter, Hannah, is eleven today!  She’s dog mad and has her own miniature schnauzer, Heidi (Lichstone Midnight Kairos), who she is looking forward to showing this season.  Heidi is six months old (yesterday) and due to enter her first ‘big’ show at the end of the month.  fun dog showThey’ve been to ringcraft classes a couple of times, watched the showing at Crufts and read books on junior handling, but I don’t think anything really prepares you for The Ring.

And I didn’t want a big schnauzer show to be their first experience!

So bring on the fun dog show!  We headed for Thoresby Park Country Fair yesterday – the first country fair of the season – in slightly damp conditions and registered for a few of the classes.  The main aim of the day was to give them a good first experience of walking around a ring with people looking at them, and trying to get Heidi to walk and stand nicely, and Hannah to smile!  Even a fun dog show where they have classes for ‘best biscuit catcher’ or ‘pet that looks most like its owner’ is good for that.

Anyway, the plan worked!  Aside of the typical fun dog show classes, they did have a few more sensible ones, and Hannah won the best junior handler, against two other girls.  But her biggest triumph was in ‘best puppy’ which had thirteen puppies in the class, of all breeds, ages and sizes.  Heidi stood like a pro and we did even manage a smile out of Hannah as she was called forward and presented with her red rosette.  They have a long way to go, but as a debut performance it was a good one.

Hannah decided then to enter my working cocker into the fun dog show in an older class.  Tiegan is trained as a gun dog and in obedience fun dog show and when Hannah gave her the command ‘watch me’, Tiegan did, keeping her back to the judge at all times and refusing to pay the least bit of attention to anyone except Hannah.  I was very proud of her obedience, but she’s never going to be a show dog, and she came fifth (out of five).

Tiegan’s ‘just’ my dog though.  And Hannah and Heidi did themselves proud.

A very successful fun dog show.

Bring on the schnauzer show at the end of March!  We’re still not ready, but we’re readier than we were and I’ll let you know how it goes!!

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