Garstang Show

Garstang Show_-5I’m so used to doing the Living Heritage Game and Country Shows all the time, that it was quite a different experience going to Garstang Show – an agricultural show in the little market town where I come from.  I had the usual mini mobile studio – all set up in my own gazebo this time, but wasn’t working with the Gillies Leap Fun Dog Show this time, so I did miss them!dog photography

So instead of gun dogs there were sheep dogs, and instead of horse boarding there were huge bulls and sheep!  It was indeed very different – from the rows of tractors for sale to a dull portable milking station.  And all beautifully set with the hills of the Trough of Bowland in the background.

I guess it would have been a better day if it hadn’t rained.  But it did, and no-one really wants a photo of their wet dog!  In the bright spots in between I got a few portraits done, but it wasn’t that many and I think next year I might just go along for fun.

Garstang Show_-14There were some definite highlights.  I entered the photography competition in the horticulture tent (?!) and won a few certificates and a Best In Show.  I’m not sure it’s the peak of my photographic career, but it was nice!

And for the lovely people who did get your dogs photographed – click here for the gallery!

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