Do You Know of Any Good Rescues?

A special blog post from Andy Collins of Gillies Leap:

At Gillies Leap we aim to support independent dog rescues around the country. There are many excellent rescues doing a fantastic job out there and where-ever possible we like to try and support some of the smaller ones, working hard with not as much money, rather than the very well known and big ones.

My stick!We also like to support rescues local to the shows too if we can, so they can benefit from ongoing support and make themselves a bit better known in their area.  As well as receiving a generous donation from Gillies Leap at the end of the Show, rescues will also have the opportunity to promote themselves, hopefully building their lists of local supporters and possible fosterers and adopters at a huge event close to your rescue base.  All we ask is that you supply two people for each day of the show to help administrate the dog show: you can of course bring your own publicity and banners etc, and promote your rescue with anyone interested.

So we are asking our supporters to nominate rescues local to our list of shows  telling us why you think they deserve our support and a bit about them by either Facebook or the contact form.  We will read through, have a bit of a chat with them ourselves, and we will announce what rescues have which shows in the new year.

Please note that even if we have supported a particular rescue in the past, we are starting again from scratch, so please send in your applications and we look forward to hearing from you!

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