Hampshire Country Show

It’s great fun working with Andy and the Gillies Leap Fun Dog Show team.  How can you not enjoy working with someone who’s philosophy in life is ‘If you don’t like it, don’t do it’?   And we had another fantastic few days at the Hampshire Country Fair at Broadlands in Hampshire.

It was a bigger event than the last one we went to, and the loos were beside the tent rather than across a river… but I have to admit that I wimped out of the camping apart from one night and spent the first night at some friends’ house, and the third at my mother-in-law’s!!  I claim that it was because I had a heavily pregnant spaniel with me, but actually it was because it rained.

So we were busy the first day, and very busy the second day, and it was great to meet so many new dogs and their lovely people.  I seemed to take a lot of photos of dogs and children this time, which I actually really enjoyed.  They say never work with children or animals, but as long as you can keep a sense of humour it’s great fun and I was really happy with some of the results – I hope the parents are too!  What I really enjoyed was seeing the bond that some of the children had with their dogs. And especially looking at some of the small children with big dogs I got the sense that they had a protector watching their back who you just wouldn’t want to mess with!

Highlights for me?  I was delighted that the prize draw raised over £80 for the Cinq Ports Rescue charity.  Thanks for getting involved there, and congratulations to Lucy, pictured below, the winner (and her Mum, Sharon).  

Apart from that I just loved the variety of breeds we saw.  I’d never photographed a Chinese Crested before, or a Saluki.  We all fell in love with the Basset Hound and I’m a sucker for any gun dog under six months!  It was great to see so many people entering the fancy dress class too – we didn’t have that at Burghley, and I was soooooooo impressed by all the die-hards who stood in the pouring rain with us on Tuesday afternoon.

The rain meant that Tuesday was a much quieter day for me.  I don’t blame people for not wanting a portrait of their very bedraggled dogs.  It was such a shame though, because the weather really was atrocious.

But when I came to edit over 1000 photos from the show, I was in many ways relieved that Tuesday had been quieter!!

Click here to see a video of my favourite photos, and links to the galleries for each day.

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