Heelwork To Music – Don’t Miss This!

If you’re into heelwork to music, don’t miss this one! It’s a bit out of Derby in Leicestershire, but definitely one to travel for if you are. I am so hoping to have my camera back for this one!

Heelwork to music is basically the art of dancing with your dog and is an incredible demonstration of the control and high level of training a good trainer can have with their dog. – to the uninitiated it just looks clever (there’s usually a heel work to music dog on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ every year) but to anyone who has ever done obedience training with their dog, the training and complexity that goes into Heelwork to Music is just stunning.

Mary Ray is three times winner of Heelwork to Music at Crufts (including this year) See her in action here – just amazing!

Anyway, if you want to see more of Mary Ray and her Heelwork to Music, she’s in Leicester Sunday 27th November – click here for more details

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