Heidi the Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

Miniature shnauzer puppy eight weeksThis is Heidi the miniature schnauzer puppy, eight weeks old and arrived on Wednesday.  She is very different to the spaniels I am used to: no ears for a start, not as crazy but feisty and tenacious… and it has been suggested that we got her from Toys R Us!!!

She settled in straight away. Tiegan is attempting to Mother her, which Heidi resists all the way (unless she is exhausted), the kids are delighted and even my husband (who claims to put up with our dogs under duress) is absolutely besotted.  Training has begun with teaching her her name, and on day 3 we are not introducing the commands of ‘sit’ and focus/ ‘watch me’ which she is picking up quickly with the aid of some chicken bits and hot dog sausages.

We are also working hard on socialising her: puppies make 80% of the connections in their brains in the first four months of their lives so it is a vital time to get a new puppy used to the normal sights and sound of life as soon as possible.  Heidi has been for walks with us to the park and Calke Abbey (although obviously we are carrying her everywhere until her inoculations are done) and has been carried up a main road to the post office where she sat on the counter so much like a little stuffed toy that she made an old lady jump when she moved!!  All very good experiences for Heidi (if not for the old lady!!)

As a photographer I once said I would never get a black dog – it can be tricky to pick up the detail of their eyes, but as a miniature schnauzer puppy, Heidi will have silver eyebrows and beard and I’m hoping they will frame her face effectively… if not I guess it’s all good practice!  Having said that I am more frustrated than ever that my camera is still away being mended, six weeks on,  while I try to capture Heidi’s first days with us on a very old point and click thing.   So I’m almost embarrassed to include these photos, but better will follow – hopefully ‘within three to five working days’ !!!

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