Hertfordshire Country Fair

Well, the last Living Heritage show of the season, Hertfordshire Country Fair, was held last weekend, conveniently close enough to the M1 dog photographythat even I couldn’t get lost, and amazingly dry.  It was another fantastic weekend, with more breeds of dog than you can imagine.

I have to admit, at the very end of the season, that it always amuses me how many people tell their dog to ‘Look at the camera’, expecting them to understand the command, so if you saw me smiling, please forgive me!

dog photographyOf course, it was also the final of the Gillies Leap Fun Dog Show, and old friends from up and down the country returned for a grand showdown, won by the gorgeous golden retriever, Casper (left). A worthy winner indeed.

I spent most of the weekend photographing dogs of course, with a dowload of 909 images to sort through when we got home. Of course, many are instantly deleted, and I try to limit myself to a few pictures of each dog to edit (more if there are children in the shot as well). We ended up with 205 images about to go online, so you can imagine I’ve been pretty non-stop since I started the marathon edit on Monday morning!  Thanks for your patience.

And the winner of the dog portrait competition has just been called at random and is this dog photographygorgeous little Harrier Beagle (right).  I love the way he’s holding his paw! If his owners would like to get in touch I’ll send you a free print.

When I was a child, before political correctness, I used to read Enid Blyton’s stories of  Mr Galliano’s Circus with all its larger than life characters and feeling of camaraderie , and dream of running away with the circus.

What can I say?  Over thirty years later and I did! I have absolutely loved my first season of Country Shows with Living Heritage, loved all the wonderful people I’ve met and friends I’ve made; learned loads about all sorts (did you know that an owl can hear a mouse’s heartbeat at 12m?) and photographed more breeds of dog than I ever knew existed!  I also discovered that it is possible to camp in October without catching hyperthermia and that I need to get a SatNav before next season.

Thanks so much to Andy Collins of Gillies Leap, who I met completely by chance in the bar tent (where else?) at the very wet Kedleston Show, for taking a chance on me and bringing me in to work with you.  It’s been great.  Roll on next season.

Anyway, that’s the end of the Oscar speech.  Click here to see the photos!


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