dog photographer derbyshireI had a lovely morning with Amy and Izzy this weekend, photographing Izzy (mainly).  It was made a little harder by the fact that she really isn’t keen on having her photo taken, dog photographer Derbyshireand as soon as the camera is pointed at her the ears go back and she turns away. Apparently she is like that with all cameras and even mobile phones!  It’s a shame because she is ever so pretty and very photogenic if you take her by surprise!!

I did spend a bit of time feeding her treats off the camera, and then building up to clicking it while she was enjoying the treat… but she dog photographer Derbyshirestill wasn’t keen, so we resorted to a lot of distraction and a long lens!

Izzy’s photo shoot was a present from Amy’s sister for Christmas.  I know there are a few more people out there with one of my Christmas vouchers, so please get in touch and let’sdog photography Derbyshire arrange your dog’s photo shoot… and if you don’t have a voucher, give me a shout to arrange your dog’s photo shoot anyway 🙂



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