Kara is the last of Tiegan’s puppies and now aged ten months.  For a few reasons and not because I wanted her to, she needed to move on, and the best home I could think ofKara was with the Police Dog Unit, where she would be worked all day – which is all she ever wants to do – and go home with her handler at night.  So I contacted the West Midlands Police who asked me to bring her over to their training centre – if she was suitable they would keep her for a month’s trial…  which she must have passed quickly because I signed a very soggy-with-tears form to hand her over that same afternoon.

She’s now living with a really good handler, two other working cockers and a retired police dog (flat coat retriever).  She’s doing well, is being trained up to work with finding cash initially and I am able to keep in close contact with her progress, which is wonderful.  I don’t feel like I’ve lost her completely.

Anyway, part of the moving on for me meant looking through all the photos I’ve taken of her over the past ten months, from a few minutes after she was born to a few days before she left, and putting some of them together in a slideshow.  I hope you enjoy it.

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