Labrador Photography in Darley Park

Labrador Photography v Ofsted Planning? No brainer!

It was a huge relief to take a day off from the dreaded Ofsted planning on Wednesday this week, and head down to Darley Park (one of my favourite locations) for a photo shoot with three beautiful labradors. The weather didn’t look too promising labradorto start with but by the time we finished the sun was out and it was a glorious day.

The labrador is a highly popular breed of dog both in the UK and USA.  Known for its friendly nature and high trainability they make a fantastic family pet.  A medium sized dog, the labrador omes in three colours (see left) – black, golden and chocolate.

The labrador was bred initially as a gun dog, and this is where he excels. Fully named as a labrador retriever, he will retrieve game all day in the field and is a steady companion when trained well.

If you have a pet labrador you have probably already noticed the drive to retrieve.  You will tire of throwing the ball long before he tires of fetching it!

Photographing more than one dog at a time is always a challenge.  And photographing three was even more so – especially as the older labrador is a little hard of hearing and didn’t respond to the strange cat noises I usually make to attract my models’ attention.  These three were superbly trained, however, and posed beautifully in front of the early daffodils, ignoring the many passers by.  Cassie (the chocolate one) was usually the first to move, while the others stayed patiently, labradorprobably wondering what on earth was going on!

You can only keep even a well trained labrador interested for so long though, and by the time we moved location for a bit of variety they had lost their mojo and had enough.

The photo shoot was actually arranged by some friends of the dogs’ owners, currently on honeymoon.  The chosen photo will be a very unique wedding present.  What an original and brilliant idea!

Check out the rest of the labrador photos here.


More dog photos from that afternoon in the park to follow! (For the lady with the stunning husky – the photos will be up this weekend!!)



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