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It was the first Country Show that Living Heritage have done at Leicestershire, and for me, it was wonderful to Living heritage eventjust drive ‘down the road’ instead of halfway across the country! We were supporting a local East Midlands based dog rescue: Impawtant Pups, and it was great fun working with Emma and her Mum as they came to represent the Rescue and work with us on the dog show.

It started warm and sunny, and I was kept incredibly busy on the first day, with an unending stream of dogs waiting to have their portraits done.  My favourite has to be the ridgeback, who nearly demolished the marquee, and the family of four very small children and their equally small puppy!  Never work with animals and children?  I love it! Dog portraits can be seen here.

The dog show started as usual at 1.30 and went well… until the Bonio class… at which point the heavens dog photographyopened!  When I say opened, we are talking tropical monsoon storm here!  All across the showground people crammed into tents, holding screaming children and calming wet dogs.  We were no different, except that we had a higher proportion of wet dogs crammed into our little marquee. It’s a good job they were all so well behaved.  After about three inches of rain in ten minutes, the sun came out again and the Bonio class was won by a labrador (obviously!)

dog photographyLiving Heritage events have a fantastic security team working around the clock to deal with any issues that arise and keep things safe and straightforward. Most of the guys can be seen around the showground and on the gates during the show itself, but after hours, and all through the night, another team takes over patrolling the ground, and I just had to get a shot of Dale and his rotweiler (whose name I have forgotten) as they get ready for the night’s work.  Dale and his team have a  number of dogs and they are stunning… although I really wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of them!

Sunday was a little cloudier but much busier.  I took an unusual few hours off in the morning to prowl with dog photographymy camera, and enjoyed watching some of what was going on in the arenas.  There’s always a huge variety; scurries racing trucks; shire horses; sheep dogs; beagles… you name it, it’s happening somewhere!  And with four rings as well as other attractions, I felt completely spoilt for choice.  I did enjoy the ferret racing though.  You can’t help but get swept along by the enthusiasm!  And following that up with a bit ofdog photographygreyhound racing made a great contrast!

Back to the dog show and it was won on Sunday by an adorable pointer puppy called Hector.  We were delighted to have raised £300 for Impawtant Pups, and another (record) £70 from the dog photography.

All in all another great show.

Dog portraits can be seen here.




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