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lurcher photographerOne of the things I have really enjoyed this year at the Country Shows I cover, is the lurcher hurdling and long jump.  Unfortunately I don’t have lots of time to stay as long as I would like (because there’s a whole event to cover!) But I always carve out an hour during the weekend to sit at the end of the lurcher run and photograph the lurchers as they hurtle toward me.

Photographing lurchers is not easy.

a) They are extremely fast

b) They have to wear muzzles (to prevent aggression over the lure at the end of the race)

c) The background is usually horrible bright orange netting which pulls the eye away from the dog

However, practise makes perfect and although it doesn’t remove the netting or the muzzle, I am lurcher photographygetting much better pictures than I did at the start of the year.  the guys from Lure Crazy who run the shows are fantastic and the whole thing is very slick and well ordered.  The hurdling, where two dogs race each other over four hurdles is my favourite, although I also enjoy the long jump where the dogs fly over a long jump.  The record is 23feet, which is phenomenal.

Anyway, lurcher photography : my new favourite!  And I am very happy to come to other events apart from the Living Heritage Shows to sit at the end of a lurcher run all day, so if you know of any, do give them my details!

More lurcher photographs (from the Hampshire Country Show) here.

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