New Toy!

dog portraits derbyshireI bought myself an early Christmas present this week. At least I got the free 30 day trial, but I will certainly be buying it at the end of that! It’s called  Topaz and is a plug in for Adobe Lightroom, and it gives amazing effects to photos, really making the colours pop and bringing them to life.  I also personally really like the ‘painted’ effects’, especially on dogs.

Probably overdoing it slightly at the moment because it’s a new toy, but I see great potential for the future in terms of different options for clients’ dog portraits.

These are my three dogs: Tiegan is the liver/tan spaniel, Kara the black/tan spaniel puppy and Heidi the long suffering schnauzer.  It’s the first time puppy has been solid enough in her stay (she’s six months) to have a portrait done with the other two, up to now she’s usually jumped me when I crouch down and point a camera at her!  I’m just amazed I got one where they were all looking!

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