Ode To A Collie

My response to Dave’s collie after his ‘Ode to a Spaniel’ from yesterday…


The collie is a handsome chap, but has a grand obsession
Whene’er he sees a tennis ball he needs it in possession
Whene’er he sees a flock of sheep he herds them to his will
Whene’er he sees a row of jumps he needs to show his skill

Completely tunnel-visioned he just cannot multi-task
Can’t redirect his one track brain, however much you ask
Though sometimes he is very good when choosing to apply
He’s difficult to redirect, however hard you try

I do not think this failure is deliberate or rude
You can get his attention back by offering some food
It’s the only known distraction from his tunnel minded plan
Which is like your standard collie dog is like your standard man!

Kirsty Cussens


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