Ode To A Spaniel

I seem to have been thrown into a battle of words with a friend, who posted his ‘Ode to A Spaniel’ on his Facebook page in honour of my spaniel early this morning.  It made me laugh, so I’m putting it on here.  I’ll post my response tomorrow!


“Why did you grow your ears so large?” the Border Collie saidspaniel
“They grew and grew and grew and grew as I was sleeping in my bed”
“They’re very good for hearing and when I jump they help me glide,
But being big and out there, they are very hard to hide”

The Collie stopped and thought a while, he thought it rather rude
That when you’re eating from your bowl your ears fall in your food.
And so he asked the Cocker “Why don’t you have them cut?”
“Coz thats what makes me Spaniel, you stupid sheep chasing mut”

Dave Blackshaw

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