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ISONY DSCt was a cold and snowy Wednesday last week when I drove up into the Peak District to find a little farm down a very snowy lane to meet with Cathy Ollerenshaw.

Cathy is a qualified Therapeutic Canine Massage Therapist and I was taking some photos of some of her clients for a website I am building for her.  It was a great day – we expected happy chaos but actually most of her clients were very calm and well behaved – if not before their massage, they certainly were by the time Cathy had finished with them!  All her clients’ owners were very happy with the progress their dogs were making and it was funny how the dogs without exception looked very put out to have only had ten minutes of treatment for the sake of a photo – they wanted their full hour!  Many have come as vet referrals with conditions such as tendonitis or sports injuries, and Cathy has also been working with a number of agility dogs, getting them ready for major competitions this year.

canine physiotherapyMy three dogs also came along as extra models.  They have never had a massage before, and their reactions were quite interesting: Tiegan looked on in amazement and wondered what on earth was going on; the puppy actually sat still with a goofy expression on her face (Cathy must be good – I have never used ‘puppy’ and ‘sat still’ in the same sentence before!) and Heidi the schnauzer – she rolled from side to side to make sure she was done all over and refused to leave the sofa!  If she could speak it would have been ‘Do my nails while I’m here, please!’

It was a fun photo shoot – the main challenge being the ever thickening snow outside!  Cathy’s doing a great job and if you are ever looking for a Therapeutic Canine Massage Therapist for your dog I would highly recommend her.  I’ll put a link to the website here in a couple of weeks once it’s built!! Meanwhile, her Facebook page is here.

canine physiotherapy

canine physiotherapy canine physiotherapy canine physiotherapy

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