Photographing Puppies

Photographing puppies is the most enjoyable, exasperating and rewarding things I do.

Enjoyable because… well, that’s obvious!

Exasperating because they move so flippin’ fast and are too young to understand ‘sit’ ‘stay’

And rewarding because just occasionally they pause long enough in their exploration of the world for me to focus and click!

At the moment I’m photographing puppies for a friend who is a breeder of German Shepherd Dogs. The GSD puppies came from her champion girl and they are just adorable.  I started at week 2 and photographed them again at week 3. Hopefully the next installment will come soon.  I’d really like to keep photographing the litter on the same day of each week so we can chart their progress.  They’re not going to line up for me after three weeks like they did for these first two shots though!

Photographing puppies at two weeks is not too bad –  as long as you can get them facing in vaguely the right direction! They don’t move too much just yet.

Photographing puppies at three weeks is harder! They’re sitting and moving and I was amazed to get them vaguely into position at all (although Number Three wasn’t playing!)

Great fun – although I think it might be the last time I get all eight in the same shot!

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