Have you started using Pinterest yet?

PinterestPinterest is the fasted growing social media site, already challenging the ‘big boys’ – Twitter, MySpace and YouTube and has just started allowing businesses rather than individuals to hold accounts.  It does appeal more to women than to men, although that’s fast changing, and it’s all very very visual, allowing you to create pinboards of your favourite stuff from across the net.

You know how sometimes you see a photo that really inspires you, or that you just love, then you forget where it was three days later?  Well Pinterest gives you a place to ‘pin’ all your favourites and keep track of them.  I have some gorgeous photos of dogs from other people’s boards pinned with some of mine in various categories, as well as ideas of general photographic stuff (and general dog stuff)

Anyway, if you’re here because you like dog photos, then do go and have a look on Pinterest.  As I said, I have a few boards up there and I’d love to have you ‘follow’ me there.

Click here for my Pinterest boards.

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