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There are new puppy pictures up in the ‘Puppy Photographs December Gallery‘!

I do love this job and can’t wait to go full-time taking photographs of puppies.  They run fast, they’re extremely difficult to position right and it’s great fun!  Today’s jobs were to

puppy picturesa) Take photos of Louie, the rather gorgeous GSD puppy at ten weeks.  Louie is featured in the Mascani GSD album as a younger puppy, and his new owner wanted a record of him now he’s a little bit older.  Puppies grow so fast it’s nice to have something to remember their younger days by… and some good puppy pictures help you remember he was very cute (as well as destructive, messy and noisy!!)  Louie sat like a professional model.  I think he definitely wins the prize for easiest puppy to photograph!

b) Take some puppy pictures of this springer spaniel litter at seven weeks.  I’ve also included some of their younger days, just for contrast (although I didn’t have my proper camera for a long time so they’re not great!)  These did not sit still like Louie!!  They were all over the garden and through the puppy picturesbushes.  It was fun, frustrating and I’m going back tomorrow when the light’s better.

c) It wasn’t exactly a job, but my new schnauzer puppy came with me today (good socialisation) and had a great time chasing around with the spaniels so I got a few puppy pitures of her too!  Hard to believe she’s exactly the same age as Louie!  He’s as big now as she will ever get.

If  I were her I think I’d treat him with a bit more respect!

Anyway, puppy pictures here if you want to check them out.


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