Ready for Thame

If you’re anywhere around Oxfordshire this Easter weekend, don’t miss the Living Heritage Easter Thame Country Fair.  It’s going to be cold but amazing, so wrap up for it!   I’m especially looking forward to camping (not), as I gaze out of my study window at a garden full of snow, so if you want to come and find me, I’ll be the blue person photographing the dog show, trying to force my frozen fingers to click!

Seriously – it will be a great day.  Thame is one of the bigger shows (they’re all huge!) and everyone will be there.  Dog Show bookings are taken from 10am, and we start the actual dog show at 1.30pm.  I want to know if any breed except the labrador is ever going to win the fastest bonio eating class (they just inhale them!) – and I also think I should judge the ‘Best Six Legs’ dog mugsclass instead of Andy this time, so a male entrant has a chance of winning!

I will also be launching my new range of mugs at Thame, which arrived today.  A variety of dogs and doggy quotes – many of them taken at the Gillies Leap ringside – they make great presents.  Look out for these on the shop page of this website soon too.

So, don’t miss the Thame Show – but do wear your thermals!  I’ll be wearing six layers and I’d like you all to know now that I honestly haven’t just put on weight!!

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