Ryedale Game & Country Show

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Much as it pained me to be on the wrong side of the Penines – and with a big Red Rose of Lancashire hanging above my tent – I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the Ryedale Game and Country Show, and fell in love with this little character, patiently waiting her turn on the terrier racing..

I was trying to figure out a new camera as well as photograph the event, which in hindsight isn’t the brightest thing I’ve ever done, but despite a few blurry lurchers, which I’m not going to show you, it worked okay. lurcher racing photographs

I did get some not so blurry lurcher photos, and again I was amazed at the ‘flying dogs’ who can not only reach amazing speeds, but tremendous heights as they soar over the long jumps. They just make it look sooooo easy!

The Gun Dogs were busy too, with gun dog scurries from the Phillippa WilliamsScurry Bandits and various demonstrations from our own Paul Makepeace, as well as visiting trainer Phillippa Williams.  I was very impressed by her dogs – if all dogs sat as still and close on command as hers did, my job would be so much easier!!  I think they have professional modelling lessons as well as the gun dog training!

The Fun Dog Show was as fun as ever and I LH Gallery-32 copyenjoyed using my new backdrop again.  I like to be able to offer the classy black drop as well still, and for some dogs, like this stunning border collie, it just suits.

Living Heritage were pleased to welcome Tommy Cannon, of Cannon and Ball as a special guest to the show.  For anyone Tommy Cannonunder forty, Cannon and Ball were the kind of Ant and Dec equivalents of thirty years ago!  For some reason it fell to the dog photographer to escort him around the show, and it was a pleasure – he’s a lovely guy and a real dog lover.  I was constantly losing him to some puppy or other on the way round!


All in all a great show, and only two weeks until Hampshire Country Show – always a busy one!

Please click here for a full gallery of dog photos from Ryedale Country Show


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