Sandringham Game & Country Fair

No sooner have I finished editing (and sorting out glitches) on the last set of photos from the Cheshire Game and Country Show, than it’s time to head off to the next one!

Living Heritage  took an unusual break from running their shows right through the summer this year, sensibly choosing not to compete with the Olympics, but we are fully back into the swing of things for the early Autumn and shows are every other week until the final one in October.

Camping in October?!

Anyway, this weekend looks like it could be the warmest yet with fantastic sunny days forecast for both Saturday and Sunday, so if you live anywhere near Sandringham, please do come and see us at the Fun Dog Show there.  I’m not sure if HM will be entering with the royal corgis, and if she does, whether they might fancy their chances in the fastest Bonio eater, or possibly the ‘best six legs’ – good luck on judging that one, Andy!

Please click here for details of the Living Heritage Sandringham Game and Country Fair.

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