Indago Dog Photography Gift Voucher

What better present for any dog lover than a dog photography gift voucher so they they can have that special portrait taken of their beloved dog?


dog photography voucherI know how special your dogs are to you because mine are to me – and I know how you would want to capture that spark of character unique to your dog.

An Indago dog photography gift voucher will start at £60, and for this I will either come to your home (within 8 miles of Littleover, Derby), or meet the dog and handler at a favourite location (again within reach of Derby)  and we will do a photographic shoot which is fun for both dog and handler.

After this, the photographs will be up on my website for you to choose from and you will receive a 10×8″/12×8″ print of your choice usually within a couple of weeks.

Of  course, if you want any more prints than this, it is up to you and they will be priced as normal after the first one.

Please note that I am very laid back around dogs and know that all their wonderful training (or not) can fall apart at the most inconvenient times.  Your dog will not be the worst behaved I have ever photographed. If he will not sit and stay I will get action shots instead 😉

And if you live outside of Derby, I am willing to travel within reason but please contact me for travel costs, which I keep as low as possible.

Please contact me if you require any more details about our popular Indago Dog Photography Gift Voucher

nb. I also do photography vouchers for families and teenagers: please click here for more details