Should dogs in cars wear seatbelts?

“Dogs should wear seatbelts in cars”

Or so say 60% of British motorists, according to the results of a recent survey.

I’m not sure that seatbelts are always a viable option, I tend to think that dogs restrained in the car is reasonable.  A crate is ideal, but if (as in my case: two spaniels in a Ford Focus and a big enough crate just doesn’t fit in the boot) that is impracticable, then at least dogs being restrained safely behind a barrier is sensible?

“Not only are unnecessary accidents caused by unrestrained animals in the car but the consequences in a crash can be much more severe,” said David Williams, CEO of GEM.

“If a motorist is travelling at just 30 miles per hour, in the case of impact, an unrestrained average sized dog weighing approximately 50lbs would be projected forward with a force equal to a baby elephant.”

Most dogs love riding with their heads out of the window and the wind in their fur.  But really it’s not only unsafe for the driver, whould there be any sort of accident – it’s also all too easy for the dog to be injured that way.

Seatbelts?  Maybe not.

But I would certainly back a legal requirement to keep dogs safely restrained in the car.

What do you think?

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