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Merlinworking cocker spaniel








Did I mention that I am rather biased toward spaniels as a breed?   If you’ve spent any time on my site you might have picked that up!  So doing a photo shoot this week for a future website, with five gorgeous working cockers and an equally gorgeous (and I don’t usually say that!) springer spaniel, was an absolute pleasure.

The six of them belong to Graham Burton from Clementwood Gun Dogs, a well respected gun dog trainer in the area, who has also been helping me with the training of my working cockers (an unenviable task).   It was an easy shoot, despite a slightly overcast day, and I simply followed him around the field as he worked his dogs, using a very fast shutter speed, because those dogs don’t move slowly!

springer spanielworking cocker spaniels








The biggest challenge was the grass – it’s so long it was difficult to get shots of them without long blades of grass obscuring their faces, and although this adds a certain atmosphere to the photos, too many like that gets a bit much!

I think the last one is my favourite! So much for gun dog trainers having a ‘strictly working relationship’ with their dogs! All this lovely springer wanted to do when he came out of the truck was to have a cuddle with dad!!

springer spaniel

Clementwood spaniels


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