Spoiling Our Dogs?

We all love our dogs.  But are we actually spoiling our dogs with ‘kindness’?

We’re all guilty of treating our dogs like humans on accession, but a  recent survey reveals the extents to which some owners will go to.

* A third of owners in Britain cannot bear to be parted from their dogs during the night and some even allow them to share their beds.

* Rather than making their four legged friends eat from a bowl on the floor, one in five people makes a dog’s dinner out of meal times and let the pets join them at the dining table.

* A staggering two million owners go as far as dressing up their pets in clothes to make them look more human.

Half the people surveyed said they did feel we are spoiling our dogs by doing all this… but they carried on anyway, with many admitting that they dress their dogs up in human clothes to make them look more human.

All very sweet, but apart from making our dogs fat, lazy and unhealthy by feeding them the wrong foods, we are also totally confusing the dogs, who would be much happier and more secure being treated like the dogs they are and knowing their place in the pack (which is certainly not elevated to a human bed and table!)

Astonishingly, the most indulgent owners are collectively spending £195million a month as they treat their pet to the high life. One in 10 splashes out £250 a month on treats for their dogs despite the recession.

What do you think?

Source: Express Online

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