Cockapoo Puppies

cockapoo puppies

Today I had great fun photographing this lovly litter of cockapoo puppies. At five weeks they are extremely active, but we managed to catch them at the end of a long play session when they were just slowing down and getting sleepy.  What you don’t see are my assistants just off camera, holding the puppies […] Read more »

Roxy’s Puppies


I only had an hour on Saturday to photograph these ten adorable three week old labrador puppies. It’s Roxy’s first litter, and ten is more than enough to keep her busy! Getting ten puppies into one photograph is a recipe for happy chaos! It wasn’t until they got tired and started lying down then falling […] Read more »

Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies

working cocker spaniel puppy

Well, in between shows and frantically editing photos and doing the washing before the next show, I managed to fit in a photo shoot for my friend and trainer Graham Burton from Clementwood Gun Dogs.  He has this gorgeous litter of working cocker spaniel puppies; now four weeks old and just discovering the world.  It […] Read more »

A New Puppy!

I have an announcement to make. A new puppy!! Her name is Heidi and she is a miniature schnauzer puppy, shortly to be arriving in the Cussens household.  Do we need a new puppy?  My long-suffering husband (who prefers planes, cars and boats to anything with a tail) would say  ‘probably not’. My son, missing […] Read more »