Thame Game and Country Show

I can’t believe we’re up to Thame Show already!  It was the best yet this year!  Easter Sunday was cloudy but in the barnokay, and Easter Monday – wow!  The sunshine brought everyone out!

Anyway, I spent the weekend as usual doing event photography in the Best Dressed Bassettmornings and dog photography (mainly at the Fun Dog Show) in the afternoons.  I had a new backdrop which I was keen to try out, so my spaniels posed for me on Saturday to get the setup right, and then I enjoyed using it for the rest of the weekend with some stunning dogs.  This extremely well dressed basset hound has to be my absolute favourite though!  Anyway, all photos available to view here, and I’ll be using that same backdrop at future shows if you want to bring your dog along!

One thing I am really enjoying at the shows this year is the lurchers.  Not so much the straight racing, but the lurcher photographyhurdling, and especially the long jump.  I spent a happy few hours again, lying in the mud at the end of the hurdle run, trying to work out whether it’s best to auto-focus or pre-focus… I got a few that I was happy with anyway, so as people have been asking I’ve set up a separate gallery for the lurcher pictures here!

dog photographerI was devastated to arrive at the open racing just after the gorgeous afghan hounds had finished their run, but the wonderful Kevin Bradley had them run again, just for me, so I caught them in all their hair waving glory – and stayed to watch two rather shorter haired terriers fighting over the lure! terrier photograph

The dog show was as fun as it always is.  Musical Sits is going really well, but with about fifty dogs in the ring it’s hard going seeing who’s out!  We have the privilege of meeting all sorts of dog photographerwonderful dogs and their people and this one was no exception – I love how people throw themselves into the whole spirit of it, and I really did think this little terrier suited his flat cap!

Anyway, a great weekend, and already starting to think about Ryedale Show in a couple of weeks!

Full Gallery of Dog Show photos here

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