The Border Terrier Who Adopted a Springer Spaniel Puppy

When this little springer spaniel puppy was rejected by his mum at just a few days old, the future looked bleak for him.  Too little really for bottle feeding, and very distressed, it wasn’t a positive situation.

However, as my friend cuddled him on the sofa, another of her dogs, border terrier Willow, who has had a number of litters of her own came over and nuzzled the little puppy, clearly concerned for him.

So my friend thought that at least the puppy would be warmed and comforted by the older dog and set them up in a warm bed where she could keep a close eye.  The tiny puppy settled quickly, as his new surrogate mum licked him and snuggled around him.

By the following day, however, my friend was amazed to find that Willow was not only warming and comforting her adopted  puppy, but was actually producing milk and feeding him!

A few days later she is still feeding him, warming, comforting and cleaning him,  and he has put on weight and is thriving.

I totally enjoyed photographing Willow with ‘Buzz Lightyear’ today.  It really is a story of nature at its absolute most amazing.

(nb The rest of the springer spaniel litter are also doing fine with their mum. Photos to follow!)

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