The Miniature Schnauzer Show

Miniature Schnauzer Show – actually it was an all sized Schnauzer Club of Great Britain Championship show.  It was also the debut of my eleven Miniature Schnauzeryear old daughter and her six month old miniature schnauzer puppy, Heidi.  (Lichstone Midnight Kairos)

Dog shows – whether they be miniature schnauzer or any other breed specific, or just any breed, are always fascinating.  I had never been to a Miniature Schnauzer show before this one and my daughter and I both enjoyed the day.

The Miniature Schnauzer has to be one of the most characterful dogs out there, espeially when they are all clipped and ready for the show ring. I put it all down to the eyebrows!  Not to mention that very distinctive ‘bark’ (which is really more of a yowl!)

Anyway, seeing all these wonderful dogs together was just great.  I have to admit that I wouldn’t have been able to tell some of them apart and I wouldn’t have wanted the judge’s job for all the chocolate in Thorntons, but it did pass the time before Miniature SchnauzerHeidi’s class as we picked our own winners.

The downside of dog showing is that there is a lot of waiting around, especially if you have a female, as the dogs are always shown before the bitches.  Heidi’s class was first after lunch, which allowed time for a bit of last minute training from Heidi’s breeder, and for her to have some of that all-important last minute grooming before she went into the ring. The miniature schnauzer has very distinctive characteristics – especially around the face

So off they went and I have to say both Hannah and Heidi were fantastic considering they were both the youngest handler and the youngest miniature schnauzer there.  (Not that I am in any way biased) Confident handling and a puppy who is a huge show off will be a winning ombination… but maybe not until they’ve both matured a little.  This time they got a fourth for minor puppy bitch and a third for novice puppy.

Miniature SchnauzerWhat I thought was great though was the way that so many people came over after to congratulate Hannah and offer some advice or enouragement.  She was just pleased to have another rosette for her collection and is looking forward to the next show with a miniature schnauzer class.

As for Lichstone Midnight Kairos, she was greeted home with some disdain by her best friend the spaniel, and taken straight outside to be rolled in the mud to get rid of the smell of doggy hairspray.

I have to say, she looked more like our Heidi again once Tiegan had finished with her!


See the Miniature Schnauzer Show pictures here

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