The New Miniature Schnauzer Puppy – Some Photos

miniature schnauzer puppyHard to believe our miniature shnauzer puppy has been with us for six weeks already.  She is a lovely puppy – full of life and loving being able to come out for walks with us now.  She thinks she’s a spaniel and tries her hardest to hunt and quarter after Tiegan but hasn’t really got a clue.

One of the things that has been very interesting is the differences between breeds, and how early and how much they show!!   Having had two spaniels recently, I’ve got used to their rather crazy approach to life to say the least!  Tiegan didn’t calm down at all until she was a year old – snd even now at sixteen months she is incredibly lively, usually in trouble and I need to keep my eye on her most of the time.  Heidi is about as calm at fourteen weeks as Tiegan was at fourteen months.

I have to say, she doesn’t retrieve as well though.

And I wouldn’t swap my working cocker spaniel for anything – although I love Heidi to bits (I’m quite happy she’s my daughter’s dog)

Heidi and Tiegan get on so well. I didn’t have many concerns about Tiegan accepting a new puppy beause she is so lovely with other dogs, but they have got on absolutely brilliantly and love to curl up together.

Anyway, we had a bit of a photo shoot tonight a here are a couple of photos of the pair of them…

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